Harmonic Scanner

Easy to use, customizable, and free tool to automatically detect harmonic formations on your charts.

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Harmonic Scanner comes with the following configuration options

Depth of a ZigZag Pattern

Defines how many previous candles to consider when checking for the high/low points. If you choose a high number, there will be fewer points to check, and the script will be faster. If you choose a low number, the script will be slower, but it will check more points. To see the high/low points on the chart, enable the "Draw ZigZag" option.

Draw ZigZag?

When enabled, it displays the zigzag pattern (line combining the high and low points). That's the zigzag that we check to find the harmonic patterns. This option is useful when you want to calibrate the depth of a zigzag.

Show 'No formation' label?

Whether or not you want to display the 'No formation" labels.